Assignment 3 blog 5 -Reflection

Hello and welcome to my final MUVE601 blog. In this blog i will be reflecting on my process and the final outcome of my metal gear project for assignment 3 and the MUVE course.


Overall i found MUVE to be a very interesting fun course to take part in.I didn’t realize how large and complex the second life community was seeing as this was the first time i have played in the sim; so it was fun learning about how it all works and building my final project was also entertaining. Thanks Isa for teaching us the basics and showing us around.

For a reflection on the process of my project, i have to say it took a lot longer then i thought it would; Especially the scripting (I’m not a scripting major) so i had a little difficulty there, though the scripts i needed were already written by someone else; i did have a go at writing them myself šŸ™‚

Mostly i didn’t run into any problems along the way, with everything i had troubleĀ with i just did some research into it which there is plenty of second life resources online, such as how to make sculpties in a program, import them and res them.

The parts of the project i enjoyed the most where creating the overall metal gear using prims and then bringing it to life with the use of textures, it was cool to watch the development of a build from an idea to final the finished model.


Thanks to anyone that has seen or followed my blog, maybe i’ll see you in Second Life in future!




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