Assignment 3 blog 4 – Scripts and effects

Welcome to another MUVE601 blog. In the last two blogs i showed my progress of creating the metal gear though the use of prims and then bringing it to life with texturing. In this blog i will be showing how i used scripts, particle effects and texture effects to add more to the metal gears visual complexity.

smoke sc.JPG

For the first effects i wanted, i thought smoke or steam coming from the vents on metal gear would look cool. So first i had to find a place that had scrips i could use. This had me do a trip to the particle laboratory in second life. This is where i found a smoke script.

I added it to a prim, made it 100% transparent and placed it to where i wanted it; once it was placed i the linked it to the metal gear. I did this for all three vents.


This is what the finished result looked like.


For the second set of particle effects i wanted to add, i wanted some blue flames coming from the cannon. Much like the first set of smoke effects, the script was found at the particle laboratory. I applied them to a transparent prim like before, and put them into place and then linked them to the main cannon.


Here a picture of the cannon with the flame particle effects. Glow was also added to the cannon to add more effect.


Now i wanted to use a script to add rotation to the radar. The scrip i used was provided during one of the MUVE classes where Isa was teaching some scripting. I applied it to the tube inside the radar and edited the scrip so it rotated on the x axis. Then i linked the rest of the radar prims which made the whole radar rotate. I also added transparency to the front of the radar for more effect.


Next i wanted to add some light to the front of the metal gear. To do this i spawned a cylinder prim, made it 30% transparent to give it the look of glass, made it 100% glow and then in the features options checked the light option. This gave a good effect of a light. I copied the prim 3 more times an placed them on the metal gear.


gif 2.png

The console image that would be made into an animated prim.

For the last script i wanted to add a animated futuristic console to the cockpit of the metal gear. I wasn’t sure how to go about this, so i did some research and found a script that plays in segment, each quarter of a texture that applied is to a prim. The script was very simple being 1 line in total, but was very effective, giving the effect of a working console.

Once the console script was working on the prim i add transparency and glow to add more effect.

metalgear done.JPG

The metal gear finally done, scripts and particle effects applied.

In summary i have completed 6 tasks for the visually complex build, all documented in the blogs; these are:

  • An appropriate particle system: Three seprate partical scrips used for the vent smoke, cannon fire and radar waves.
  • The use of at least two sculpties: Two sculpties made using a sculping program applied to the legs of the metal gear.
  • Prim movement through scripting: A script that rotates the radar.
  • An instance of a prim with Light: Lights created for the front of the metal gear using the lighting option in the bulding menu.
  • An animated texture: An animated console added to the metal gear cockpit.
  • The use of at least three textures with transparency: Transparency applied to the console, radar and lights.


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