Assignment 4 blog 3 – Textures and more progress

3Welcome to another MUVE601 blog. For this blog i will be showing some more progress for my visually complex content creation. In my last blog i finished building the required prims and suclpties for my metal gear, so for this blog i will be putting it all together and adding textures.

First i needed to find some appropriate textures for my build. To do this i needed to think of the theme of what my metal gear would look like. When i came up with some ideas i went searching for the textures.

The first theme i wanted was a metal camouflage texture, this would cover the majority of the metal gear. After searching Google images and downloading some textures i came to decision on what texture i would use.


This texture was the final decision, this was because it would repeat good and had some scratch texture to it to give it some more depth.


Next i needed some metal style textures. After some searching i found some good textures by using the search term “Sci-fi textures”.  Now i had the textures i had to apply them to the metal gear model.


For the first parts of the metal gear i textured, i started with the legs. I used the default mapping and adjusted the horizontal and vertical scales so the texture fitted nicely to each of the prims. Using the select face tool in the textuing options, i also applied multiple textures to one prim, where i thought it appropriate.


Next, i started texturing the body. This took me the longest time out of all the texturing because it involved a lot of adjusting of the horizontal and vertical scales and rotations to make sure the textures fitted correctly.


For last things i needed to texture were the cannon and radar. Just like the legs and body this involved applying the textures to the prims and adjusting the scales so they fitted nicely.


The finished metal gear fully textured!

It took a long time to texture all the parts, but i got there in the end! For the next blog i will be covering scripts.

Here are some things I’ve completed this blog:

  • The use of different textures and colors throughout the build with consideration given to using appropriate textures, texture repeats, offsets and rotations: I used multiple textures and made sure they fitted correctly though the use of repeats, rotations and horizontal and vertical scales.
  • The appropriate use of multiple textures on a prim: Many of the prims have more then one texture applied to it.



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