Assignment 3 blog 2 -Development

Hello and welcome to my first blog for assignment 3 of MUVE601. In this blog i will covering my progress and development of my metal gear project. Currently i have made some good steps in creating the overall shape of the metal gear using prims ans sculpties.


Image source from peanutbutterwerewolf:

Above is the 3D model i have based my project around; which was very useful due to it having angles from different sides so i could see how to shape each prim and place each intricate detail.


To start the design of the metal gear, i first started with the legs. I took reference from the 3D model and started shaping each prim to match the design. When the overall basic design was finished i then added details such as the spikes on the feet, and cylinders showing through the other prims.


For the top part of my leg i decided to use the sculptie. To create this, i used a scuplting program called Scupltypaint. First it took me while to figure out how to use the program, but after a while i managed to get the shape i wanted; i then exported the file.


Once i exported the file, i then imported it into Second Life and using the sculpted option in the build menu i created the sculptie object and added some prims for extra detail.


Next i had to create the center of the metal gear. Just like the legs, i referenced the 3d model and over the course of a few hours i made it into the shape i wanted using prims.


Finally i needed to create the cannon and radar. Using the 3d image like before i created the cannon and radar. Now i had all the pieces to create the metal gear, i just needed to put them together to make the final build.

Overall i had fun creating the shape of the metal gear which took me a few days to compete, with the hardest part being how to use the sculpting program. The task i have completed so far are:

  • The use of at least two sculpties: One with each leg of the metal gear. 
  • A minimum of 50 and a maximum of 300 prims used in the construction: Turned out to be are 250 prims used. 
  • At least three different primitive types (i.e. Sphere, Torus, etc.): I used tubes, boxes and sculpties.




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