Second Life Permissions

Hello and welcome to another MUVE601 blog. For this blog I will be going over Second Lifes permission system for objects. A couple weeks ago Clare gave our class the task to create and set permissions for some objects made in second life.

This was done in groups or 3, by the end of the task I had a pretty good understanding of the system, though it was a little confusing.

So what are permissions? Permission allow you to decide what people can do to you in game creations. For example, if you were to make a costume in game, the level of permission set on the costume determines what the next owner can do to that costume.

For the rest of the blog I will give a description of each of the levels of permissions and why you might use them.


This image shows the Modify option selected.


The modify permission determines if the next person that owns the object can modify or change the object.

You would only check this box if you are happy for the next person receiving the object can modify it.


This image shows the copy option selected for a object i have made.


Using the copy permission, the next person to own your object will be able to have multiple copies of your object; for example, they when they spawn the object they will still have the object in their inventory. If you don’t allow copies, when they spawn the object in world the object will leave their inventory until it is picked up again.

You would allow for copies if you are happy with the next owner to have multiple copies of your created object.


This screenshot shows the transfer check box selected for a object i have created.


The transfer permission allows for the next person to own the object to ability to give or sell the object to other people.

This option should only be checked if you are okay with the next owner having the ability to sell or give away your created object.


In regards to the permission relating to exporting, you can only export textures out of Second Life if you are the creator of the texture, or if the full permissions come under your Second Life name.

If you are not the owner or do not have full permissions you will not be able to export the textures.





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