Second Life Community


Hello and welcome to another blog for MUVE. In this blog I will covering my time spent participating with the Second life community. Though I haven’t spent much time in second life, one of the first communities I joined and places I travelled to was NCI (New Citizens Incorporated).

Name of the community group

New citizens Incorporated.

Description of the group

New citizens Incorporated is a group dedicated to helping, educating and supporting avatars that are new to second life.

This help is provided by a team of volunteers who can help with answering any question a new avatar may ask. Along with general help answering questions, NCI also runs classes and events that new avatars can attend, such as classes teaching Second Life basics, question and answer sessions and teaching new avatars the role playing basics of SL.


Me chilling out on one NCI couches.

Times I’ve participating in the group

The first time I participated NCI I was looking around for a place I could go to learn the basics of SL, this was so I could blog about it in one of my previous MUVE blogs. After some searching for places new players could go I found NCI in the destination guide, which I then visited. Once there I had a look around information boards and talked to other avatars about what services NCI provided. I also searched for the NCI group and joined it.

The next time I went to NCI was for one of the MUVE classes where it was one of the locations we visited. On that occasion the MUVE class went to NCI to learn about community groups. The class looked around the map and some of us took a hot air balloon ride around the map. Though we didn’t really participate in the community group.

Apart for these two occasions I have also been back to NCI and talked with the other avatars about the community events which I still have yet to attend; which can be little bit difficult due to time differences.





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