Second Life Community Standards


Welcome to my first of my blogs for assignment 2 for MUVE601. For this blog I will be cover Second Life’s community standards.

Currently, Second Life has six community standards, known as the “Big six”. All avatars must follow these standards to avoid temporary or permanent suspension. These Six standards are:

  1. Intolerance

All avatars must be tolerant towards each other and may not cause offence or harm based on another avatars race, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference.

  1. Harassment

Avatars should not harass other avatars; this could be considered as using offensive or annoying behaviour.

  1. Assault

Avatars must not in areas identified as safe zones push, shove, shoot other avatars; or in general assault another avatar in way that will cause annoyance.

  1. Disclosure

During your time in second life you must not disclose real life personal information about other avatars unless they give you permission. This includes, names, gender, age, race, sexual preference, alternate accounts and real life location. Chat logs must not be given out unless with permission too.

  1. Adult Regions, Groups, and Listings

Mature and adult activities or content are not permitted on Second life mainland and must be undertaken on Second lifes adult continent called Zindra or on private regions.

  1. Disturbing the Peace

While in Second life avatars must not conduct disruptive behaviour such as disturbing in game events, using annoying or repetitive noises, following other avatars or spawning items that may slow the server down.

For more information on Second lifes community standards follow this link here.

Why does Second Life have community standards?

These standards are in place to make sure all the residents of Second Life are able to enjoy the virtual world without the fear of people hindering their experience through the outlined standards such as harassment, intolerance, assault or being exposed to unwanted adult content.

How should you avoid violating these standards?

To avoid breaking the community standards you should first read over the outlined standards to get an idea on what is and is not allowed on the Second Life mainland. Another thing you could do is ask other avatars or read the rules for the region you wish to take part in.

What to do if you see someone breaking the community standards

If you think someone is breaking the any of the community standards, you can report them using the “Abuse Report Tool” located under the help menu in Second Life.


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