Intellectual property


For my 3rd blog I will be covering the topic of protection of intellectual property within Second Life. As you can imagine within second life there are millions of items that have been created by people;

these items can be sold or given out to other people by the creator and only the creator, because of this these items need to be protected from theft.


How does the permission system help to protect intellectual property?

Using the permission system, the original creator of the item can set whether someone can copy or transfer their item. This gives them full control over what someone else can do with their item which protects from potential theft.

What is Copybot?

Copybot is tool which when used to access second life can export objects out as XML files.

How Copybot can and should be used.

Because Copybot can export items out of Second Life, it can be used for malicious purposes; such as copying someone’s else content, exporting it out and then re uploaded it.

Though Copybot can be used for malicious purposes, it also has legitimate such as exporting content you have created so you can use it in another simulator.

How content creators can protect or open up content for Second Life.

If you are a creator in Second Life and are want to protect your content, you should learn the permission system; this will make sure you are using the correct permissions and are not giving your items away to be copied and re sold for free.

If you wish to open up your content you can also learn which permissions allow for copying or re selling of you content to anyone.


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