The Singularity Viewer


Welcome to my 3rd blog! Within this blog I will be covering my first Second Life viewer which is Singularity. In this blog I will be covering information about singularity, such as its functionality and how it compares to the firestorm viewer.

What is Singularity?

Singularity is an open-source viewer that is capable of accessing Second Life and other services such as OpenSim.

Who developed Singularity?

Singularity is an open-source viewer based on Ascent Viewer which was release by Linden Labs and is developed by people willing to give their free time to further develop it.

Singularity functionality  

Apart from being able to connect to services like Second Life and OpenSim, singularity has some features such as:

  • Available to both Linux and Mac operating systems.
  • Fully compliant to Linden Labs terms of service.
  • Development for the Singularity viewer is continuous, meaning any bugs and overall performance and stability is being constantly worked on from the developers.
  • All the standard building and editing tools you would expect to find in a viewer.
  • Easy to use toolbar with map, fly toggle etc.


Me playing around with the building system in Singularity.

Singularity ease of use

In this section I will be commenting on how I find Singularity to use when running Second Life. Overall I find the Singularity viewer very easy to use. Coming from Firestorm to the Singularity viewer I think the overall user interface and toolbar layout to be much more simple and user friendly.

The building interface is simple and easy to understand and looks similar to that of Firestorms.

Comparison to Firestorm Viewer  

When comparing Singularity viewer to the Firestorm viewer I feel Singularity has a similar layout regarding the user interface but with the feel of being a little bit less confusing and user friendly.

Regarding performance, Singularity seems to run a lot better with frame rates and overall smoothness. I think this is due to Singularity being built on an older version of the Second life client compared to the Firestorm which is built on a newer version.

My overall view on Singularity

With some time spent in Singularity I personally feel it’s easier to use then Firestorm and runs a lot smoother on my PC which doesn’t have the highest hardware specs. So I currently prefer it over Firestorm and will be using it from now on.


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