The Firestorm viewer


What is Firestorm?

Firestorm is an open-source Second life viewer much like Singularity and other Second life viewers.

Who developed Firestorm?

Firestorm is an open-source client developed by the phoenix firestorm project, with around 80 people giving their time to develop it.

Firestorms’ functionality

Much like the other Second Life viewers Firestorm provides ability to access the Second Life and OpenSim. Other features of Firestorm include:

  • Cross platform access e.g. Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Compliant to Linden’s terms and services.
  • Built on Second Life’s V3 viewer, which can process modern prims and outfits.
  • Open-source code, which allows anyone to view.
  • The viewer is actively maintained and worked on by developers, making the viewer stable.
  • Can access Open Simulator.


Firestorm ease of use

Throughout the MUV classes I found personally fond Firestorm quite hard to get used to, from the camera controls to user interface. But after using it other a few weeks I got quite use to the controls and UI and don’t find it too difficult to use.

The building the system with all the settings and options seemed quite complicated at first, but with some use I’m now fairly comfortable with it.

Comparison to Singularity Viewer  

After trying out the Singularity viewer, I found that Firestorm was not only less user friendly regarding the UI but was a lot choppier with the frame rates and performance. I think this is due to Firestorm being built on a more modern engine which may run slower on older computers with low end specs.

With that said I prefer the Singularity viewer over the Firestorm viewer for performance.

My overall view on Firestorm

Firestorm allows access to Second life, Opensim and is built on a modern viewer which allows it to do some things older views can’t; but it can take some time to get use to the UI and controls.

Overall I think that the firestorm viewer would be a great option for users who have the compute power to run the viewer smoothly.



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