Second Location – Social Island

Welcome to my 5th MUV500 blog. In this blog I will be checking out another location in Second Life. For the second location, I wanted to visit a place where I could go as a newcomer and meet other new avatars. For this I went and had a look though some of the destinations on the Second Life website and found the Social Island.

so is.png

People socializing.

Intractability in the Social Island

Social island is location in second life where new avatars can go and socially meet other avatars, new and old. On the island there is a beach with a fire pit and seats around it and huts located over the beach making it an ideal place where you can go and talk to other avatars.


Overlooking Social Island.

The look and construction of Social Island

Looking around the island I could see the people that had constructed it had put a lot of effort into giving it an overall social feeling. The beach was made looking out over a sunset across the sea with rocks and an upraised island behind.

To make the island, they would have first created the terrain of the island and added rock and grass textures on top of it. To create a more tropical feel, prims in the shape of topical trees were made and texture added to them.

Looking over the island I could see the most detailed parts that were created would have to be the ocean huts. These where made with a wooden texture on the outsides, straw like textures in the roofs and transparent windows on the sides.

Some of the scripting I seen was the fire pit, which gave of a glow and fire animation.

new in.png

Overlooking New Citizens Incorporated.

Comparison to other newbie locations

The other newbie location I visited was New Citizens Incorporated. This location compared to Social Island was place you could go and get help as a new avatar with everything Second Life related.

There were easy to follow tutorials posted around the place such as a for example a billboard showing the“19 of the most commonly asked questions, answered”.

My impressions

Overall I found Social Island and New Citizens Incorporated were great locations for new avatars to go and meet new people and get friendly help if they needed it. It was pretty cool to see people giving their free time to help new avatars.


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