First location – Freebie Megastore


Hello and welcome to my 5th MUV blog. In this blog I will be exploring my first MUVE location! For my first location I wanted to find somewhere that I could grab some freebies for my avatar. This had me doing some searching on the web for some places to go to which I could pick up some fee stuff.

After some searching on the web I found the location “Freebie Island” but after trying to connect I couldn’t due to it current being un-available. This had me looking for another location, which I found was the “Freebie Megastore”.


Intractability in the Freebie megastore

The Freebie Megastore allow new and old avatars to go and find new outfits and avatar models free of charge. All user have to do is go to the Megastore Location and look around at the free items available in the store. When you have found an item you like, you simply right click the item and purchase it free of charge.

The look and construction of the Freebie Megastore.

The Freebie Megastore is five story building with mainly female clothing and model options for the first 3 floors. The building is contracted out of prims to shape of a building with textures such as bricks and marble to develop it look of a building.

Scripting in the building that I noticed were the products on the walls and the lights on the first floors which had a glowing effect. Other scripting i see where some advertising panels and a large clock on the outside of the building.

free dov.png

Comparison to other freebie locations

The other location I went to for freebies was the Free Dove. In this store there was much the same free stuff as the Freebie Megastore but instead of available items pined against the walls, the building was more in the style and layout of an actual real life store, with clothing tables laid out. This gave the feeling of I was actual looking through a store for clothes.

My impressions

I think it’s pretty cool people take the time to build and make available locations where users can go and grab stuff for their avatar for free; especially newcomers to the Second Life world such as myself.


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