MUV Blog 1


Hello! and welcome to my MUVE (multi user virtual environments) blog. Here i will be posting updates on my progress on my journey through Second life and the MUVE course.

On Thursday Clare gave us some questions to answer for our first blog post, which i will be answering on the following section.

What is a virtual world? Answer:  A virtual world is a virtual environment that allows people from around the world to come to one place using avatars or characters . The virtual environment could be used for education, role playing or general fun. Examples of virtual environments could be Second life, Wow or Guild wars.

What is interesting to me about virtual worlds? Answer: I think the prospect of a possible future of truly immersive virtual environments using such tools as the Oculus rift really interests me. I think it would provide a new level of gaming and education.

How important do you think virtual worlds are now? Answer: Currently virtual worlds such as second life are providing areas where people can come together to learn in virtual environments. Because of this i think the prospect of further development of fully virtual learning makes virtual worlds important.

How important do you think virtual worlds will be in 5-10 years? Answer: As i mentioned before, with the addition of immersive technologies such as the Oculus rift and virtual worlds, i think over the next 5- 10 years we will see huge leaps in online education; such as virtual online classes, as well as immersive gaming in virtual worlds. Because of this i think over the next 5-10 virtual worlds will be very important.


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